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7-4-09 Here's the sitch:
* back of the neck - 4 day old burn from a curling iron
* left wrist - infected spider bite
* left forefinger - needle-like thorn embedded
* ankles - multiple mosquito bites.

6-24-09 Whatever happened to the blogging COMMUNITY? You know ... the people who used to manage a civil give-and-take in the comments. Are you all over on Facebook? That's for people without blogs. Get back here.

6-4-09 - I'm starting to lose my enthusiasm for air travel.

5-12-09 - If only weeding a garden didn't involve so much bending over, I think I might be better at it. As it stands now, all I have to commend me is a strong sense of color and a willingness to stick my bare hands into the dirt.

3-20-09 - I am suddenly overcome with a craving for toast and fried eggs.

3-3-09 - I have never pooped in an airplane rest room and I never will. Why do people do that? Is it not something that everyone can control? Furthermore, I rarely pee in an airplane rest room - maybe once every two years.

2-23-08 - Color me disappointed. Do you not see that I change the tag line beneath the Cripes, Suzette! banner at least three times a week? Sometimes it reflects a recent post; other times it's just a phrase that captures my fancy. In all the time that I've been doing this, no one have ever commented about it. I expected more.

2-2-08 - This isn't pretty: My most outstanding characteristic is that I am a procrastinator. Once you get that, then you can move on to recognizing that I have a lot of good ideas that I start and then drop unfinished. That's how it is.

1-21-08 - I am the sort of person who is always hot. It's cold now at the Jersey shore - the real kind of cold, for the first time in a long time so I wore a coat today. But I wore it not because I tought I needed it - who needs a coat to run from the house to the car and from the car to the office? It's not like I'm out on a hike. I wore it for social approval. I am nothing if not prudently, however, so I make sure that I have a coat in my car in case I ever get stranded due to a breakdown and I have to walk on the shoulder of the Garden State Parkway for aid. Or I guess I could wear it while I call AAA on my cellphone.

10/24/07 - I have enough purses. I need more purses. I ran out of room to store all of my purses. I don't like any of my purses, so I suspect that a new purse is in my immediate future. That is all true, and yet I care not for shoe fashion.

7/28/07 - My knee hurts.

5/28/07 - I do a fair amount of small animal extermination but I don't get any pleasure out of it. Blame them, not me. Small animals interfere with my plans and then I HAVE to kill them. See?

5/14/07 - NOTICE: I've given up use of pseudonyms, initials or cute names for the real people in my posts. It ties in with the tagline of the current blog incarnation: "This time, it's personal ..." meaning I am endeavoring to be more open and less edited about what I write here. But, why did I ever do that in the first place? I find it extremely annoying. My rejection of meme participation remains unchanged. Meme-free since 2001! Huzzah!

5/5/07 - I've had very few good ideas in my lifetime. Among those are the three blogs that contain me: Bob the Corgi, The Joy of Soup and Cripes, Suzette! I've authored more than three blogs - I'd say the total was about 9, but these are the three that stick. In order, I blogged at:

Bob the Corgi (Blog*Spot)
The Joy of Soup
Bob the Corgi (Greymatter)
Black-Eyed Susan
Under The Same Moon
Buzz Says the Bee
Big American Blonde
Bob the Corgi (Typepad)
The Garden State
Traveling In Style
Cripes, Suzette!
Bob the Corgi redux
Cripes, Suzette ! II

The Garden State was a good idea, but I lacked the energy to both garden and blog about it. It was either/or so I chose to actually do it. I regret that I didn't save the files, though.

8/17/05 - THE DAILY ZEN. I read a long and beautiful passage about spirit and vitality. It was very impressive and I was surprised at the feeling of tranquility that came over me as I thought about the words. Especially surprising to me was the fact that such wisdom was written by The Monkees. Oh, Monkess. I guess I'm not ready yet. Also, what if your daily meditation takes place in front of an old Benihana mug shaped like the buddha? Does it still count?

8/3/05 - FGAs. (Frequently Given Answers, as opposed to Frequently Asked Questions.)
I'm liking the minimalism of my latest page design. I realize that some functionality is lost by not including things like "recent posts" and "archives" but I want the day's entry to be the focus. I like the idea that there is no history with which to compare the content and format of the current offering.

3/30/05 - RINGS AND THINGS. I have a thing against drinking hot beverages from a dark cup. I prefer a white cup because how else can you tell if the cup was clean before your coffee was poured into it? Dimly lit restaurant + dark brown pedestal mug = asking for trouble. You know I'm right about this.

2/14/05 - NO JOY FOR YOU. I am also the author of a little website known as the J*y of S*up. Recently, I recieved a cease and desist notice from lawyers connected with the J*y of C**king books who want me to stop using the phrase "j*y of", the lowercase font and the color red because the public might confuse my hobbyist website with their megalopublishing empire. After thoughtful consideration, I decided this was total bullshit and that the thing to do was to spit into their eye and tell them that I had no intention of changing. So I did. Now I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.

1/16/05 - MANIFESTO. If the newly remodeled SuperShopRite had a wooden door, I'd nail this list to it. But since it's got that awful revolving door that is the only legitmate way in or out of the place, I'll have to post this here. Reasons Why I Won't Be Going Back to Shoprite:
1. That awful revolving door that is the only legitmate way in or out of the place. I resent being directed through the plant, jewelry and t-shirt department. As if the mere act of walking through is going to make me cave in a buy a red plush moneky holding a lacy heart.
2. The bread department is nothing to write home about. There's nothing special there and I am certainly not going to pay $3.99 for a loaf of rye bread that is not even baked on the premesis.
3. In the dairy case, the individual containers of flavored yogurt are placed at eye level and the big containers of plain yougurt are on the topmost shelf, increasing the chances that (a) you will not be able to reach them if the first row is already gone and (B) if you try, you might end up dropping it.
4. Some piker brand of refrigerated pickles has replaced the superior BaTempte selection and whatever brand it is doesn't offer New Kraut.

1/5/05 - NIGHT OF THE GARDEN CATALOG. Forget springtime - this is the time of year that I find to be the most hope-filled. The ground is unworkable, the temperature is still on the way down, daylight is at its shortest and I am ordering hardcopies of gardening catalogs from the internet. Is there anything more optimistic than a gardener in winter? Can there be more peace found anywhere than late evening in front of the fireplace, thumbing through White Flower Farms and admiring the pink glow that bounces off the falling snow?

12/27/04 - DOWNSIZED. I have recently made a promise to myself to give up oversized purses and to carry a small handbag that can only accomodate the bare essentials: carkeys, celphone and wallet. It's a tough adjustment. I often find myself dragging a cloth tote bag, paper gift bag or plastic supermarket bag along with me to handle the overflow. But I am determined to make this switch. Everyday I am getting more comfortable about living without all my gear right in my hand. I keep it nearby, though, because you never know when you will have an urgent need for some of this stuff.