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December 07, 2002


bob the corgi

this is so clean and neat looking.


This is really wonderful with the addition of a honking big lot of kale, too. (Kale being at its best cooked half to death with a lot of really hearty, spicy ingredients.) and in fact, Emeril does a version of this with Kale, too, which is where I first learned it.


Ingredient check: Are we serious here about SIXTEEN cups of stock? That would make an awful lot of soup, wouldn't it? I don't want to have to eat it for thirty-nine meals after all (I know I could just halve the recipe, but I want to make sure I've got it right in the first place.)


hello soup lady. i'm a reader of bob the corgi and other cheek and am making my first visit to your site. i was hoping you had search capability on the joy of soup as i currently seek a split pea & ham recipe and thought you'd be the perfect source.

so, in short -- if you have one, could you email it to me and i'll be forever grateful. i'll plug your plog like mad on my journal. and... you may want to look into a good search engine (picosearch.com is free, and there are others) so suckers like myself don't have to uncloak and make ourselves visible.

much thanks and hoping to hear from you. --cg


Just found your site and am loving it! Looking forward to trying some of the recipes. Great job!!!!

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