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November 28, 2002


Mary Beth

Despite our difference of opinion re turkey soup, I will tell you that today I made tomato soup for our potluck "black friday" lunch at work. What a simple but satisfying thing. More textured than the stuff of our youth, but still plain and wonderful. Totally vegetarian too. It will fill out the sandwich platter and smattering of desserts etc that folks bring, and hopefully give strength to us all to make it through the day.


OH BOY a huge congrats goes to you our fav. soup lady! I just heard the news! Whew! MSNBC!!! I am just so excited for you!!! Huggles (of course!) :-)


How many canned beets? I must know.

The Soup Lady

Mrs. Smith uses a quart of canned beets, dear.


My gratulations... Very clear and usefull


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