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Is it possible that it was the same cake? Maybe it's Still Around, living in a garaged freezer, just in case Teddy felt like another wedding?

Just a thought.


You know what's really sad? Look at how beautiful Joan Kennedy was when she married that swine. Then think about the broken down drunk she became. Marrying a Kennedy is risky business.


Vickie Regina is said to be like his mother - a tough cookie. Strict, ruthless. His pals were put on notice that if they let him carouse, they were off the list, banished - persona non grata. And she meant business.

The Proprietor

I wonder if, as Jane suggests, it is the same cake, and it still exists in cryogenic suspension... as does Ted!

Think about it. Fake coffin filled with a plastic Ted simulacrum and lead weights. The real dead Ted packed away in liquid nitrogen, next to Walt Disney, waiting for the day when medical science has a cure for brain cancer and rampant priapism.

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