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That is super creepy. I have no theory as to technicals, but my first thought was ghosts.
I read entirely too much Stephen King.

Mr. Bingley

Were they looking for Hillary?


It was staffers from flag @ MOfeet.gov following up on reports about you.


Oh, that's odd. Nefarious purposes, surely.

Rob Usdin

If you have caller ID, google the phone #. See if it shows up on one of those sites that tracks telemarketer phone numbers.


There is such a thing as drunk dialing.

We don't believe in putting all our communications eggs in one iBasket.

Have you checked to make sure you've run all the security updates for your various computers? Looked to see if you have any malware or spyz stuff hanging around?

I do miss Amy's ex. A few years ago I had a phone from AT&T, a mistake I'll never make again, which came with her old number. Her ex would phone after he'd been drinking and after I said hello he's start with "BABY, BABY DON'T HANG UP BABY! TALK TO ME BABY HEYYYYYY YOU'RE NOT AMY!"

That went on virtually every Friday night for six months and then I never heard from him again.

The Proprietor

Count me as doubtful this had to do with your computer. Very few people at this point have their PCs still connected to a standard phone line, let alone their main home number.

Most computer invasions come in via the broadband connection, whether cable, FIOS, whatever. When Verizon installed FIOS I insisted on a dynamic IP address set-up rather than static IP. Unless you are hosting your own website it is a good idea to have your IP address change every 8 hours or so.

Having said that I haven't the faintest idea what the calls were about.


What the Proprietor said. This isn't a hack. This is late-night brain-dead stoners.


Yep prank calls by kids with nothing better to do with their time. In the olden days they used to call several times asking for someone... like "Hi can I talk to Jeff?" Then after about 4 of those calls, you'd get ones saying "Hi I'm Jeff, any messages?" *sigh* Hilarious don't you think.

Hackers can only gain access to your computer through your phone line if that line is also hooked up to your computer and your computer is set up to allow "dial-in" or if you have dialed in and are online. If you are on cable or dsl, they can't get in via a phone line. (the most they could do would be to call you and try to "social engineer" their way in - asking for you to allow them to log into your computer from outside)

The type of IP address has little to do with how safe you are from online hackers. Dynamic is cheaper than static and is fine for people with regular internet needs. I have had both types over the years and haven't had issues with hackers.

If you are worried about whether or not your computer is open to the net in any way - you can go to grc.com (Gibson Research) and use his Shield's UP! Tool to see how you look to the internet. It's a bit tricky to wend one's way through his site... but click Shields UP then scroll down until you see it again under Hot Spots, click Proceed, then choose what to scan "file sharing, common ports... etc"

Or not - most people don't feel comfortable doing this, but now you know it's out there. :-)

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