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The Proprietor

Again with the uber-Keds. She is the Imelda Marcos of sneakers.


Well, her floppy inner thighs look worlds better than mine - BUT, why am I looking at FLOTUS in shorts and altogether frumpy mom wear? Seriously, a little class?


I am not one to talk, but I think she could crack coconuts open with those things.


She seems to be completely oblivious to the fact that she should dress appropriately, now that she is (shudder) FLOTUS.

I don't expect her to wear a formal ballgown everywhere she goes, but she looks like she's heading out to do yard work.

Come to think of it, when she was "gardening" for the photo ops... wasn't she wearing white capris and a silk top?


zOMG! I thought of you, Suzette, the minute I saw this... prepare to LOL.



What a classless person. Even hillbilly Hillary never showed up in shorts in front of the paps. Way to go Michelle. You are ugly and out of touch with the American people. Where has the class to go along with living in the White House gone?
Just my opinion

BT in SA

Way too short shorts, flappy thighs AND camel-toe. A fashionista trifecta!


Everyone else beat me to it... She's a Disasterista. Good grief!


But her ARMS are just so . . . spectacular!



One photo of her descending from AF1 clearly showed the bulge of her belly under that men's undershirt, complete with navel indentation. Charming.

Another photo of her emerging - in this shorts outfit - from a black vehicle was missing the police officer's hand on the top of her head.

I thought J. Crew had her casual looks under control?

This change has brought us no hope.


Re those arms: I read a comment by the designer Isabel Toledo (the one who put together that dreadful yellowish mother-of-the-bride-from-hell inauguration day outfit) that MO's arms were like a spider's. And she's supposed to be a friend.

And speaking of colors: Has anyone else noticed how the density of the colors she wears vary from photo to photo? The violet outfit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art faded several different shades depending upon where you saw the photographs. Ditto the coral and peach Moscow outfit. Strangely the same fading seems to occur with her skin. Hmmmm.


Here is the photo referred to at 12:46 PM:


Someone noted a strong similarity to Marion Barry's arrest photos, but I don't believe he was ever nailed while wearing shorts.

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