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Mr. Bingley

I just hope it doesn't burst into flames during the night.

...or Stedmann decides it would be a bitchin' chew toy.


Oh I'm so jealous! I was looking for something exactly like that a few years ago and could find nothing - nothing at all. Internet shopping has obviously gotten much better in the last 5 years.

Of course the phone I ended up with has worked out well since I rearranged my office. I have one of those double phones a corded and cordless. The cordless has my headset attached. I can't do speaker phone - I tend to forget I'm on speaker and move around too much and make noise that a headset wouldn't pick up but that seems to defeat a speaker phone.

However, I'm all for old tech. My mom has the original corded Western Electric dial phones in her house (40+ years old and still going strong). My dad worked for WE and insisted the new fangled pushbutton phones just wouldn't last like the old dial phones - I think he was right. heh.


As the local literalist, just wanted to share that the plastic is aging, but not decomposing per se. The smell is likely a combination of plasticizers and other additives from the phone - a small amount (but odiferous nevertheless) that has migrated out of the plastic of the phone.

I liken it to the new car smell - the plasticizers and such are what give new cars that unique odor that folks pay big bucks for (or buy the spray to recreate it).

(OK, crawling back under a rock now...)


I think people like to give low-star reviews to things not just because they're ridiculously picky, which they are, but also because they start thinking they're some kinda big consumer-alert crusader. Pfft. You should see some of the stupid reviews of iPhone apps I've been reading. "It's OK, but for 99 cents I expected more."


Hey, I had one of those! Lovely old Panasonic phone that worked beautifully until I dumped a coke on it. Could never get the buttons completely unstuck, alas.


My son gave me a phone that could be your phone's twin sister ... But these corded phones are sturdy and wonderful and last forever.

Problem is that I have gotten used to walking around with a cordless phone while talking - to find something I'm talking about, to check something on the stove, whatever.

My husband wants to give me his "old" iPhone. I am terrified.

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