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Jim - PRS

Can Oprah's bunion be far behind?


Ew. How about Oprah's infected follicle zit? It's hard to believe people have the time or inclination to follow such a fad.


The HELL you say, Michelle! Nothing like squishing your bigass moldy-toed feets into strappy little sandals to bring out the dainty, you delicate creature you. I imagine those straps are leaving some deep, deep, painful, indentations, though; possibly even cutting off all circulation in toes 11.2 thru 13.6.


You can't buy class with an election nor can you buy shows to cover ugly ass feet (except for her $540.00 shoes she wears to "help" poor kids. What a joke!!
Love your site. Keep up the good work


I rashly followed a link the other day to a site where the Obama lovers reside. GAK!!! There was a fuzzy picture of the FLOTUS coming out of a burger joint in DC and they were all raving about her wonderfulness and how fashion forward...

Well, if we want a first lady who looks like a badly dressed soccer mom (one with too much money and not enough taste to get clothes that look right for her) then she looks fab.

Otherwise, badly fitting clothing and shoes do nothing for me at all.

I'm thinking JCrew is loving this though - do you think they've gotten a buying boost from idiot women who want to "look like the FLOTUS" over these past few months?


Well, most of us figgered she had cloven hooves, so ...


they're probably webbed, too...

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