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I thought I couldn't hate him anymore, but then I read that his favorite source of "humor" was telling and learning new Chappaquiddick jokes.

Thank God this pig is finally going into the ground.


Um... "anymore" should be "any more"...

it's early yet.

Fuck Me With Ted Kennedy's Dick

Cripes Suzette, Ted's a pig.


What, no Four Roses?

Betty Swanson

what was even more appalling was the republicans--hatch, mccain, and others of the elite social club including mcconnell who sucked up to the kennedy hyperbullcrap. He along with his two brothers being buried on hallowed ground (Arlington) is a slap in the face for the REAL men and women buried there. Of course obonga will canonize him, but it was a great day for the United States----ending of the kennedy krap dynasty.


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