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Joan of Argghh!

This thing you're doing to Obama? It is so righteous and Right! Please keep doing it.


It's true - Ted becomes The Prophet (with a Blessed Name) and the First Martyr in BO's Jihad for Socialized Medicyn. Hyannis Port will become the destination for millions of the stricken who make their final Hajj to expire nearest the Holy Site.


I can sort of see Obama wheeling Ted along a bridge, you know, for a photo op . . .


Obama might give the visit a personal touch and pull the plug himself...

The Proprietor


Having just returned from a trip to Boston that included the JFK Library, Museum and Most Righteous Hall of Glory, I can tell you that the shrine is already there and waiting for Teddy to move in.


You are the funniest woman on the planet! Thank you for your humor - and your wisdom.

(Laughing so much that my husband thinks I've lost it....)

The Queen Vee


Reading this post and all the clever comments posted has simply made my day and put a big old smile on my face. Living only 34 miles west of the White House tends to make one a bit too serious about those crazy scary things happening in Washington.


dogette is right! Perhaps BO can take Ted for a drive to Chappaquidick?


Too late. You heard that loud noise up in the sky, sounding like a beaver's tail on the water? Mary Jo bitch-slapping Ted in front of the Pearly Gates.


Yes, Obama appears on Martha's Vineyard and Teddy passes. Coincidence?

Joan of Argghh!

Cripes, Suzette! You are a political Swami. A seer of the hidden agendas, a bone-reader of the political ruins. We are not worthy.

Ruck me funning, but you nailed that coffin shut before the coroner arrived!


Obama mentions going to VISIT Teddy today and Teddy gives up the ghost last night. Hmmm. Rather extreme.

(I am crazy about Joan of Argghh's name.)


You are no less than Ted's Jeane Dixon!

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