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If Kennedy is so damned concerned his precious state has two senatorial votes for the health care bill, why didn't he step aside so a new senator could be elected months ago? Cause he can't let go his reins of power on second before he stops breathing, that is why. It is not his state that is important to him, it is he himself that is improtant to him.


Ms. Robinson reminds me of that Richard Pryor bit about Miz Rudolph, the voodoo lady:

"...she had the biggest titties i ever seen with a tattoo on each titty an eye on one and a pair a lips on the other one and im prayin to god i aint got to kiss nothin..."

Too bad Richard's gone; I think he would have had a lot to say about current affairs.


and they complained about Nancy Reagan??
watch your children and dogs.. there might be a sacrifice at the white house.


Jim - PRS

It used to be that the governor got to appoint a replacement U.S. Senator, but Ted *spit* Kennedy leaned on the state legislature to provide for a special election for a replacement U.S. Senator when it looked like John *spit* Kerry might win the presidency and Romney might appoint a Republican.

Now, with a democrat governor, he has decided that having the governor appoint a replacement is a swell idea.

The man is dung.


ditto what Jim write.....

The Proprietor

I am still royally cheesed that Ted's mortal coil couldn't have shuffled off before my visit to the Kennedy Shrine at UMass last weekend.

Of course, I probably would have been ejected for tap dancing.

True or false, the Mother Marion rumor has so many cultural overtones I hope it has legs.


I wish someone named Kopechne would run for Ted's besotted senate seat. I'd donate money for their campaign just on principle.

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