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A robin built a nest on the light fixture of our garage a few months ago and the baby birds grew up and flew away.

Then, another robin moved in and SHE had babies. They just flew away last week. I thought it was late, too.

Plus, there has been some kind of robin population explosion this year. They are EVERYWHERE.


YES.. late. We hatched 8 baby robins earlier this season. Like June... whassamatta your boids in Joisey?

Wanna see a pic of your birthday present? What a find !!!!!!!! You will love it. Sami will.. hate, I mean, tolerate them !


We have no baby birds around here but I do have a very fat kitty cat. A bit of cause and effect in action there.


When the weather turns this fall, the Assrobins will migrate down here. Crazy Assrobins tend to stay in the cold.

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