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Kitsch (My new signature just because)

Lordy, let's not look to Al Franken's wife for fashion suggestions! I just worry that the two of them couldn't afford braces for themselves.

And really, why the high belt, Michelle? Why? Kind of makes me think of Blossom's friend Six and her high waisted pants and suspenders. Lordy, I do not want to go there again!


Really, she's more like an Urkel imitator. Fraud!!

...and Franken's wife. There are no words for that fabric. Skinned a sofa indeed.


This made me have that combination laugh/cry thing happen the same as when you said Hillary looked like Merv Griffin. Shit, that picture next to the bottle, and with that little head on top? Girl, please, have some mercy.

The Proprietor

Keep in mind the original meaning of "glamour" (glamor):

# Archaic. A magic spell; enchantment. As "cast a glamour" or make someone believe something was true when it wasn't.

Appropriate for both she and her husband.


Now that I have recovered from laughing... Wait... OK... Thank you for another spot on MO assessment. And thank my lucky stars that I did not have a beverage when I started reading...

But on behalf of sofas everywhere, a movement to prevent the unauthorized and inhumane use of sofa pelts...


"Skinned a dead sofa for its pelt" made me LOL so hard. It really did. That's just DAMNED FUNNY. Why can't *I* come up with shit that funny?

Anyway, I love any of your fashion/MO posts and I'm really really really glad to see you're going to be analyzing Mrs. Franken as well as MO.

The Proprietor

There is a major difference here. As far as I know, Franni Franken has never set herself up as a fashion icon, so I am willing to cut her some slack.

Michelle, on the other hand, gets what she deserves.


There is an excellent reason why I visit your blog when I'm feeling ready to scream... because you make me laugh myself silly. "Skinned a dead sofa for its pelt". OMG - brilliant!

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