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The Proprietor

I was going to invoke you as our On the Spot Reporter. If you care to provide a complete report on the effects of Obama-ization on your day, please do so and we'll run it.

Because, you know, so many more people read our blog. Well, maybe one. That guy in Japan?


I am assuming they got gold stars for their learning skills????

Or is one of them soon to be on the Supreme Court????

Mr. Bingley

Our tax dollars at work. I'm so glad I took yesterday off and didn't have to find a different way in to work since they closed the Arts Center parking lot for these folks.


"My route to the parkway was blocked by two wise Latina assholes driving school buses that were parked side by side in the oncoming lane."

They were interpreting the Constitution from their uniquely SPECIALLY qualified perspective and it was rude of you to interrupt.

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