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Joan of Argghh!

You are everyone in your dream.

There. That oughta keep you busy!


What happened to the unspoken rule that no one with a blog ever writes about dreams?


sounds about right to me...the polo and khakis' are dead on...perhaps the Church was really the White House...

Florida Friend

It was in a church because you think the CEO thinks he's God. You were working on Christmas Eve because you are anxious about the stability of the company & don't want to be viewed as dispensable. He was wearing a polo & khakis because that is his chosen "See, I'm just like you even though I make $24 million a year" uniform. You thought he would frown on your working on Christmas because like most CEO's he is an advocate of "life balance". He walked right by you because, like most CEO's, he's full of shit.

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