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He is such a handsome little guy!

I'd have to take issue with the aforementioned barking hypothesis... at least in reference to our Collie. She has separate barks for many, many things, including telling us what she wants or to alert us to an uncertain situation.

Then there are her conversations with Maggie, across the street.

Wonder if the researcher actually *has* a dog?


Fi says woowoowoowoo, Gus says aaarrrroooo.
And knucklebones were a big hit yesterday, right up until they started barfing, and didn't quit until the wee hours. What will corgis do with all the food they could ever want? Eat them selves sick, that is what they will do.
That picture makes it look like Steads is wearing a life perserver.


Is he wearing a life jacket?

Are you taking on water or is this just a drill?


I *love* that cartoon (above). LOVE IT. The Hub and I have been mocking HRD for years in just that way.


And here I thought all my neighbors' dogs barking all the damn night was:

"Hey? Hey? Hey? Guys? I'm here, outside? I'm, like, all ALONE? Where's the rest of my pack? I miss my pack! Hey? Hey? Hey? Guys? It's dark out here!"

Or, now that my other-side neighbor has a dog:

"Hey? Dog next door?"
"Hey? Yeah?"
"Is it boring over there too?"
"Yeah it's boring over here. I can see the monkeys inside watching the flicker-box but they won't pay attention to me."
"Hey? Wanna make some noise? That might make them pay attention to you?"
"Hey? Yeah. That sounds like a good idea."

In my mind, dogs say "Hey?" a lot.

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