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Pretty pretty. I am a sucker for dainty ladylike teacups. I have a footlocker in the garage full of a china set, left/scavanged from the ruins from a distant deceasement.
I wonder if it's Lennox? Never really looked.
I'm too clumsy to be trusted with actually touching the things.
I think I used to be nice. Not real sure.


I love single teacups with saucers (particularly with roses) I have a few, one day I'm hoping to have two little display shelf thingies to hang on either side of the entrance to my dining room to display them - if the hub would ever pick up on the hints I've been dropping for about 15 years now....


Your blog didn't fool me for one second. I knew you were nice.

Now I don't know teacups from shinola, but I do know those are some pretty teacups and I am not going to eBay because I will buy me some of those. I've got two of my grandmas and I already don't know what to do with those.


you really need to shop in my basement...

antique shop of horrors.. not really but there's a lot of antiques down in that basement


Dind't usta call them crap pots. "Thunder mug" or "night owl" was in vogue. They do make some nice decorated ones though:





Love the singletons! I have four, passed down from my mother. Lovely and dear; I'd never give them as gifts... you must really love your friend. :D

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