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The Proprietor

I had a number of friends who rattled around the NYC acting circuit for years. All good actors but in the most crowded employment market in the world for that sort of thing.

The L&O franchise and other series shot in New York kept them from starving to death. Three working days of being "Next Door Neighbor" or "Bank Supervisor" or "Female Witness" was enough for a month's worth of groceries.

My friend Joe got a small part on a Sopranos episode. He played Adriana's gastro-enterologist after she got the shits from being an FBI informant. His line consisted of "Would you say your stool is loose or liquid?"

That was a month's rent.

My best fantasy reality show: the women from Real Housewives/NJ have to show up before Judge Judy to explain their behavior.


I was fascinated with Charo when I was little. A few years ago I saw her again on the Today show and learned 1. she had several awards, rightfully so from the performance she gave on the show, for flamenco guitar and 2. she was recently reupholstered in fine Corinthian leather.


My boss's daughter had a recurring role on CSI Miami (don't know if she still does because I don't watch it "Erica" the reporter). I just can't get into watching those shows.

But I'll bet Charo's show is Way Excellent Fun.

LeeAnn - I almost spit my drink out at the Fine Corinthian Leather part.


The cancellation of The Merv Griffin Show was not unlike the giant meteor that struck the Earth and wiped out the dinosaurs. When Merv went so did Charo, Charles Nelson Riley, and Monty Rock III. All gone, and it was as if they never existed at all.

Therefore it is up to some one such as your self to reconstruct their lives for us moderns.

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