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That is the result of kissing Harry Reid's Ass!!!!


Franni. Her maiden name wouldn't be Blücher by any chance? She resembles a certain Frau by that name - one who also fell for a Franken.



Look, I'm not saying that she's a supermodel, I'm just saying that I don't find her outfits embarrassingly hard to look at. They generally don't include clashing colors, over-use of animal print, or inappropriate flashes of lingerie, so I'm calling it a win.

I'm also saying that if I owned the Marimekko Ruusupuu Umbrella, I might weep with joy. Wow. Rosebush, indeed.


She's a relic, apparently. Kinda weird because I'm sure he considers himself cutting edge humor and all that. She's Betty Draper, only without the taste.

He's no Don Draper. Let's just be clear on that. The hair thing . . . it's not helmet hair, or hat hair. I think it's g-force whirlygig testing-machine hair.

Also, do notice, he has an extremely small cranial capacity. My Mom has me noticing cranial capacity in public figures now. She's fascinated by it and now she's got me analyzing it.


That is called very very thick hair and little insight (on his part) on what to do with it.

Franni I can live with. Very low-key, very background.

And dogette? Phrenology went out a hundred years ago. :-) Just sayin'.


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