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Good point! I don't even have children, and some days blow drying and make-up are a chore I give up easily. I also wonder if Zsa Zsa has a personal shopper, or if she spends ten hours a week at LensCrafters herself, because every time I see her, she's wearing a smart new pair of shades like she's Raquel Welch or something.


And neither of you had a production company who catered to their, pardon the expression, cash cow's every whim. In this case she doesn't go the the hair place, the hair place comes to her.

Hell, they probably have somebody on staff to do the PMS for her.


That woman truely annoys me - and I'm being polite and diplomatic here.


8? Surely she could start getting in daily bathing as soon as the last kid was in first grade most of the day, no?

Then again, I have no children.


I'm so glad I never got into watching that show. I only just heard about it recently (I know I'm so out of the loop on today's "in" shows. *sigh*).

I'm gonna go out on a limb here... I'd say she has more than a little help with the kiddies. Wouldn't be surprised to find she had one assistant for each child.

I never had any help and no family close by - I was lucky to have time to get dressed some days, much less get to the grocery store. (hairdresser was only scheduled when my husband could be home to watch the kids)

I'll still take that life over the one they chose.

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