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New Mexico Vixen

Where does it say "In God We Trust"? Another slam on the American way of life. God was around before any of these athiest pukes that support the ACLU....Give me a break.....
Thanks for letting me get if off my chest.


How much is that bit of ridiculousness going to cost us??

Of course there's no 'In God We Trust'. If it were up to obama it would read 'In Allah We Trust'


The traditional "IGWT" is still on the obverse. Pennies used to be cool. Now they're literally not worth the zinc they're made from, since they cost more than a cent to manufacture regardless of wtf they stamp on them.

But they'll mint 1x10^11 of them for the Obaminions to spend in their next Trillion dollar orgy.

coffee fan

the new penny release makes me wonder, with inflation and all, is a penny still worth a penny?

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