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Black background - works in some instances is difficult in most others.

Tip jars I can ignore with impunity.

BlogHer - pathetic. I have no idea why I'm supposed to think getting together with a bunch of women who want to be "big bloggers" but have no idea how to go about it, is supposed to be appealing to me! GAK!


Not that you asked for my opinion, but:

I'm the last one to comment on blog readability. Heh. That said, I have no trouble reading anything I'm really motivated to read. Doesn't happen that often, though. Sadly.

Tip jars don't really bug me. I always figure they're not getting much money that way, though, so yeah, it's kinda sad. Especially the ones claiming to need money "to pay for bandwidth." Snort. Get off the 'net if you can't afford it.

Weirdly enough, I was looking at PayPal's "donation button" options just yesterday. Briefly I considered, "What if I put a DONATIONS button on MY site?"

Oh how I laughed. It's all about making your own amusement, when you get right down to it, you know.

BlogHer sounds like an Oprah thing, and Oprah is on my double secret final probation Shit List.


You are my hero. Saying the things that others won't.

I'll go one step further on the backgrounds, though... black is bad, patterned is worse.


Black is the best background for photo blogs.


You forgot teensy weensy fonts that are supposed to look oh so cool.


sorry. black is the only thing that works. I even went to Courier as my base font, made it bigger and made it slightly off white to help with the contrast.


Not that I blog, but...

1. I am guilty of this black background of which you speak. I was never really going for lots of hits or popularity...I found myself more interested in the aesthetic of a neon green against a black background.

2. Once did I ever bleg, when we tried to save my parents' young (less than five) kitty. We couldn't afford the chemo treatments every week, so I briefly did the PalPal thing, was completely disgusted with myself, but I was also surprised at how many people gave.

Other than that, unless someone is serving me a sooooper-doooooper yummalicious chocolate martini, or otherwise providing me with beyond the call of duty outstanding service, I am not customarily inclined to drop $$ in a tip jar for just writing stuff.

3. I'm with Dogette and T. UghHer.

anonymous blogger

Not wanting to pay for writing is why newspapers and printed media is dying. People need to get paid for their work; if you don't to tip a writer of a blog you read, then don't. And regarding the bandwith issue, if you have a very high traffic blog, bandwith *is* very expensive, the cheap plans you can get for a personal site won't apply.

I don't like BlogHer, either.

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