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Heck, you could pad that out into a full-fledged novella were you so inclined. (But that may be more effort than you're willing to expend; it's certainly more than I would, had it been my makeup pouch confiscated by the Imitation Gendarmerie.


Perhaps you and Mom can start some sort of no-makeup support group. She's been a Max Factor minimalist for years.


I kid myself into thinking I wear enough to even out my complexion. Ha! It's soon completely worn away so I'm not quite sure why I bother - except to try and hide the dark circles under my eyes. LOL. Mascara and I have never gotten along, so I seldom ever wear it - I don't feel bad about that at all. ;-)


I wear it all, or I feel naked. H said the first thing I asked when I swam up out of the anesthetic last year was if my mascara was messed up. It's rather like slapping a bandaid on the San Andreas faultline, but I like to think the effort of completely deluding myself counts for something. :)


I think in GENERAL, the "older" we get, cough, the better we look WITHOUT makeup. Or with much less. I CLAW at my eyes with abandon now, and have for years. Never did wear the pancake and all that. I'm told I don't really look my age and that could be, but more likely people just assume I'm younger because I ACT like I'm a 14 y.o. boy (I'm a tomboy) trapped in a 50+ y.o. woman's flesh-colored catsuit mowing the lawn on a riding mower, to leave you with a disturbing visual.

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