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I'd say something but I think this has finally rendered me speechless. Good Lord!


Frumpy fist-bump.

I can imagine NO circumstances where it would even OCCUR to me to do a "fist bump." Even more to the point, I have no idea how to execute one. I still shake hands when that is appropriate. Guess I'd make a horrible First Lady. Fortunately, no one need worry that such a thing will ever come to pass. We have a Jackie O who knows how to fist bump and that is what matters now.

Hope Snyder

Wow. What an incredibly self-important and completely unnecessary woman, a dog. It amazes me the sort of disrespectful example of a First Lady we have these days. She is like a piece of celebrity tabloid trash. I can only pray to God for someone else as First Lady. I can think of no better than that. I would love to see behavior dignified. What a bad form, what a dog! And to the person who posted this picture - kudos!

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