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please come to my house..... what are you doing this coming weekend??? memorial day???



Cheese goes with chicken at only one time - when it's in an Italian sauce over pasta - then melting a lovely mozzarella over it is wonderful. Otherwise I totally agree.

Man I'm hungry - I'm off to make dinner!!! I have a lovely sharp cheddar that I plan to snack on - with a glass of wine while I cook. Heh.

Mr. Bingley

Yum yum.


Cheese... the food of the gods..
I'm particularly fond of adding a nice cube of marinated mozz between the olives in my martinis.
I am especially fond of nice, ripe Stilton, however, Mrs. SOG won't allow it in the house any more, she said it made the icebox smell like a pair of unwashed underwear...

Mr. Bingley

Blue cheese stuffed olives in the martini, gregor.

Need I say more?


Boys, boys! I have evolved past the stuffed olive and now devote my efforts strictly to the tomolive.

Also, Bingley - I see a trend with you and the wacky cheese foods. They're like a magnet to you, aren't they?


Damn it, cheese is so varied that you can't count it out! What about cream cheese and lox? Cheddar crab dip? MY CHEDDAR CHEESE BEER SOUP RECIPE?

You're not being fair to the cheese.


Well, a case can be made for Chicken Monterrey, a deceptively simple but delicious combo of chicken breast and Monterrey Jack cheese - with a salsa and scallion intervention. Another famous "No" combo is Welsh Rarebit, though I must confess I've never eaten or prepared it. Could be dreadful, for all I know.

However, I totally agree with the hot dog and fish "No." What the hell was McDonald's thinking with the Filet-O-Fish(TM)?

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