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Joan of Argghh!

I saw that pic earlier and knew you would not disappoint! Just perfect. LOL!!



Apparently neither of them can afford pants that are long enough, having blown it all on footwear.
That was my first thought.


Michelle appears to be one of those women who think that tighter clothes make her look smaller, when in fact they make her look huge. UGH.

Those shoes are horrendous!

As for Jill Biden, even dressed down she looks almost elegant compared to Michelle.

I nearly always hate "capri" pants. Very few people can pull them off well (my daughter can and some of her friends) mostly they make women look either like they skimped on buying long pants or they have sausage legs. In this case both women have capris that are too long and Michelle certainly doesn't have the legs to carry them off. (I don't have the legs for them either - but then I don't wear them!!!)

double UGH!


Perhaps that food bank is actually in a flood zone? If that's the case, kudos to Jill and Mean-chelle for choosing appropriately short pants. (And, those tacky shoes could use a good flood...)

As for the Jackie O thing, I'm printing out these photos and the next time someone says how elegant and classy she is, instead of arguing, I'll just whip out "Exhibit A."


The woman's an Amazon! Wait - is that a pun?

Those shoes on her massive dogs look dangerously strange.


Bowlegged much?
Holy jumping crotch shots. I mean. Really.


So now we're to the point where MO has bail out a FOOD BANK? Did she fire their CEO?


Good God the woman does have a pair o' boats on her.

At least they didn't photograph her from the rear-butt angle. I notice they're very careful not to ever show that angle.


I'm speechless. Doesn't happen very often.

Jim - PRS

Clown shoes. Bozobama.


and she needs 540 dollar sneakers because??????????


We all need $540 sneakers, we just don't all get them.

Still, if I was wearing $540 sneakers, you can rest assured that they'd actually look *good*.

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