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Oddly enough I met all of these people poolside at a Hilton in Melbourne Beach, Florida.

So should I assume that they are your leading export?


good gracious. and you live there?!?!
i'm gonna just hide away here in my mountains and hope they are all way old before they find their way here from FL - heehee

Jim - PRS

Ahhhhhh..... The Surf Club.

Yep. Been there. Played there.

I remember when it was Augie Hoffmann's Surf Club. Hell, if I close my eyes, I can still smell the hair spray.

Joan of Argghh!

Oh craptastico! That was soooo .. . .strange.

And familiar. Gah.

How 'bout that little Italian whore frottaging that guy with her butt? Yeah. She wouldn't survive a month in Florida. They think they're tough? Florida girls (real Floridians) know 10 ways to waterboard you in your own sweat. Even in winter.


omg, if they made that into a video it could become a classic much like the Rocky Horror thing.. I would buy 2 copies .. one for viewing and one for my scrapbook.

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