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She was barking mad, but her P.R. person convinced her she was just chasing her own tail on the matter. It certainly gave her paws.
(I tend to think I am far too clever after the mid-afternoon cocktail.)


Hmmmm.... do you think the Czech president and his wife might be just the tiniest bit insulted to discover that their thoughtful and (probably) expensive gift is now the dog dish?

I guess Bo can use that carved pen-holder as a chew toy, and that silver framed photo from the queen can decorate his doggie crate.



My dogs should be outraged; I force them to eat out of the same crockery we humans use.

Theirs are designated, though after a run through the dishwater I wouldn't think it matters.

Wonder if this will start another Beanie Baby stampede? Millions of people who spent thousands of a bit of felt and plastic beads are holding their breath in anticipation!


A few thoughts...

- I think you should've titled the post "You Might be a Redneck if..."

- Ty missed it... all they needed to do was hand over a portion of the proceeds to Michelle and they could've made beanie babies of the entire family. (looks like Ty never figured out the whole protection racket - most odd considering they are hq'd in Oak Brook, IL... you'd think they'd have pay offs down pat)

- My dog had stainless steal dishes. I remembered the dishes our dog had when I was growing up and how icky they got from dried dog slobber... I figured stainless was excellent since I could scrub it with Brillo pads to get it clean.

Maybe I should've searched through my old wedding gifts for cut glass bowls given to me and used those instead. *sigh* These things never occur to me.


My corgi has those same bowls. We had them before TSA did, so every time I fly I get to find it a little funny that I'm putting my keys in my dog's water bowl and then wonder why I'm lame enough to be amused by that. They work great for him, though, because he brings us his food dish every evening at dinner time and, if we're not attentive enough, throws it forcefully on the floor. Nice lip on the edge for his picking-up convenience, nice rubberized bottom to give it that attention-getting bounce. Two paws up.

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