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I would love to see this in your XYZ signature!!!


I ceased all twitter activity upon learning that I am, in fact, not witty. I didn't want to be a twitter burden, you see. Put me in the old twitterer's home and don't even visit on Easter; it's alright. I understand.

You are in the minority, Suzette, as most people using the service are more like me than you.

Twitter on!


I blog AND tweet for me. I *really* like reading a few other people's tweets (no celebs, yet, but oh ASHTON! ASHTON!) and usually I want to respond to their tweet with my own tweet but then someone will say HEY IT'S NOT A CHAT ROOM and they I say SO WHO DIED AND MADE YOU KING OF TWEET or something like that.


you may blog for yourself, but you are not blogging too yourself :)


to, duh


I adore your blogging and your tweets.

I am, by comparison, incredibly dull. I am not at all as altruistic as Pam though... I continue to put droves of people to sleep by tweeting about Starbucks and how much work I have to do and heading to pilates.

I live to cure the insomnia of the masses.

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