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Now I want a corgi. ;)


Wasn't "Immer Essen" the name of the ship in "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid"? Or was that "Emmer Essen". Is there a difference?


Dogliness and I have recently made the acquaintance of a Corgi down the way here. A very friendly thick-Southern-accented woman usually comes bounding out her front door with this Corgi when she sees us passing by on a walk. Dogliness is only too happy to sniff the Corgi's butt, and vice versa, though the two have yet to really bond. Still, it says a lot about the Corgi personality that one is willing to run to a tall brown dog's butt and breathe in deeply with joyful abandon.


my understanding from the folks at the farm is yes, they named it for the movie. Immer Essen is German for "always eating" and if you go to their website and see the number of animals they have - cats,dogs,ponies, chickens - you'll understand the humor with which they named their farm.

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