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If you think you've had enough of it you should see what it looks like on my side of the fence.


I feel the need to eat bacon now. OTOH I have none in the house. What a dilemma. But I'm all with you on the baconization of everything else.

Fail Whale - cool as long as it's not interrupting my day. Fortunately, it never does. Heh.


I agree with you on bacon, it's had it's fifteen minutes, let's eat and move on.

On the opposite side, I am a reptile adorer (this explains several previous marriages). But I totally understand it's a personal thing. I myself find chickens kind of creepy.

I was never amazed by things being ruined (I want to say "ruint") faster. My stepfather's normal birthday greeting is "Well, another year closer to dead, huh? It's all crap and colostomies from here on out." This started when I was ten. I'm used to ruination now.

And again on the other side, if there couldn't be made up words, I'd never get a post done.

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