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Darn, sorry to hear of the back problem. I'm glad you have Sted to keep you company!


love the tagline dear. gus and fi send their condolenses on your injury and to steds for having to haul your drinks back and forth from the fridge.


They might drop worse... progaganda photos of Mo sporting her latest fashion disaster, perhaps. NYC doesn't have that much eye bleach.


...God as my witness I didn't know Pigs couldn't fly!!! OH the humanity!

Hope the back isn't too awful.


They determined the airborne object *wasn't* a plane. MO threw a shoe.


So sorry to hear about your back...I hear martinis heal all...feel better soon!

The Proprietor

Ouch. Gin is a muscle relaxer, or so I am told.

Imagine my journalistic glee that one of my podcast co-conspirators was actually on the scene of the biggest PR blunder of the new administration. (So far.)

Expect an eye-witness account on our next episode. (Or would you rather I transcribed it in writing?)

Mr. Bingley

Argh! Back pain is, er, a pain. I know from painful experience.


Feel better soon.

Apropos of nothing . . . you know, yesterday I came upon an ARTICLE on slate.com about MO's BUTT. It was sort of worshippy. Definitely weird.

Good God.

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