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When she shows up with a tan and a feet extension, we'll know she's serious.


Yeah... what's up with those stupid green shoes? I've seen her wear them about 6 times now, and they haven't matched an outfit yet. You'd think the law of averages would kick in and she'd somehow manage to come across *something* to match the damn things.

P. S. At least Hillary's outfit is comprised of solid colors... carrying off those upholstery prints is seriously tricky business...


my new outfit came with a red rose very similar to this one..

uh oh....................................


I am so glad you are keeping us up on these trends!

schmed's Dear Sweet Wife

Did you get a Talbot's e-mail today extolling the fashion sense and taste of the first lady? Got mine and have already unsubscribed. Apparently one of the heinous floral print dresses that she has worn is one of theirs; and my they are so proud. Ugh!!!!!!!!! Will be canceling my card tomorrow and shredding the catalogs tonight!!!!

Jim - PRS

I'll bet that flower squirts water -- a little diplofunny.

The Proprietor

Jim, think microphone and spycam...


I want to see a picture of you with a giant bow on your chest.

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