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I'm waiting for Real Housewives of Appalachia. THEN it's going to get complicated.
But this one sounds even.... uh, how do you say trashier nicely? than Atlanta. I might have to start watching it.


This would seem to lend itself to a PowerPoint presentation don't you think?


did i not comment on this post?
am i losing my mind?

The Proprietor

Woke up this morning and I got myself a caterer...

The Proprietor

Follow Up Questions:

How many times will you hear or read the word "entrepreneur"? (Pronounced "AHN-tre-pen-NEW-uh".)

Or the word "boobies"?

When was the last time you saw a guy wearing designer jeans?

How often will people talk about rudeness as if it were a virtue?

Why would you watch a show about people you avoid in real life?

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