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Tuna melts are, to me, heavenly because they combine my two favorite foods... cheese and fish. I use rye bread and swiss cheese, but wheat bread and sharp cheddar are also good choices.
I'm not too keen on zuchinni, so I can't say how that would come out. Maybe between two huge lettuce leaves?

Speaking of bleak puberty, I didn't have pizza until I was 12 years old. I'm sure this is what stunted my growth and prevented me from becoming a 6 foot tall supermodel with cheekbones that could cut glass.


Perfect book title!

I like tuna melts, but breadless? That just about breaks my heart.


I don't think I've ever had a tuna melt. I like tuna somewhat... but not enough to order it at a diner or even enough to go to the trouble to make it. LOL. Of course I also never had pizza until I was in high school.

I don't think my mother believed in cooking anything but the 3 things she knew how too make - hamburgers, fried chicken, or fish sticks.


The experience is only complete if you make it in a toaster oven.


warm tuna sucks.


dont make this in the house, its on the banned list along with mangoes and "the wiggle"


OK, in my incredibly narrow-minded opinion, and I'm wearing BLINDERS here, it's only a tuna melt if it's on rye bread. Same goes for a patty melt. If it's not on rye bread, it's a freakin' cheeseburger, people! Would it be a sandwich cookie without filling? A cupcake if it was wedge-shaped? These names mean something.

Tuna melt is my favorite sandwich. If you're not having it on rye bread, though, it's just another kind of tuna casserole. It's OK for it to be tuna casserole with zucchini and cheese, though, that sounds kind of yummy to me - just not tuna meltish.


"Zero Yummies" sounds like the perfect title for a diet plan. Because it's truth in advertising, and there are also people who LOVE to tell you how much they are suffering for beauty/alleged increased health. So it would appeal to the self-conscious martyr types.

(The only "pity me! I'm suffering so much" dieters I have ever met were women who were already slimmer than non-dieting-I am, so I don't have a lot of sympathy).

I can't help on the tuna melts because I LOATHE tuna. I also LOATHE zucchini but that's another matter.


How green was my valley? Did I win?

The Proprietor

Yep, I also was guessing "How Green Was My Valley", which I suspect provided the idea and the metre for the Mame line.


Tuna when you were 12? Haha... I thought spaghetti sauce came in a foil bag marked "spatini" till I got married.

Life in NEPA. as it were..........


It has been years since I've seen that movie. Holy cats! LOL.


Occasionally Fred will ask me, "who are you?"

To which I reply, "I'm your sponge." Which is appropriate, because I AM a big fan of Dr Pepper.

You're not the only one with Auntie Mame dialog on constant internal repeat.

And if you've never seen The Women, you need to add that to your arsenal. Lots of snarky dialog in that one too.

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