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sorry suzette, i don't do movies. now D2? she probably would have gotten it, she is all about movies. i could throw a HeeHaw refrence at you if ya want :)


My movie knowledge is limited too.
So, what can we do to get back in your good graces, oh esteemed and great blogger of important topics?


I was asleep, gimme another chance!


Jeez, I didn't even notice. I guess I now qualify as one of the poor suckers who are starving to death.

I hang my head in shame. I can think of no reason that this would have occurred except possibly that I was *so* distracted by the idea of a tuna melt. I really do love them, you know.


Pffft. Pay was lousy and the benefits worse.

Just email me my separation notice so I can tell BO where to send my unemployment check.


I'm lost when it comes to new movies. A big day here is with an old black & white playing on the TeeVee in the background. With a butler in it.

Tuna melts are great. Were they invented in the '60s? Honestly, as a kid I don't remember them. I LOVE them with Velveeta on top, not exactly gourmet so I usually don't mention it.

Keep on educating us, Suzette. Sorry about the movie thing.


I am constantly amazed at the movie quotes people seem to know by heart. As I sit here, I can't think of a single notable quote from any movie - even those I've seen many times.

How do you do it? I am fascinated. I am also ready to hang my head in shame for not thinking to google it.

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