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Re Bambam with dog on leash, my thoughts exactly soon as I saw the pic. Dude, don't let that dog pull!

Also same thoughts on the whole must say the dog is a rescue to look good, but actually put together some silly subterfuge to buy a dog from a breeder. Please. Just be honest, oh wait he's a politician - read pathological liar.

Kate G

CNN has video of Michelle's junk as she bends over to coax the dog. Because its such a big story they also had Cesar the Dog Whisperer on hand to give commentary on the live footage. His contribution: "Boy are they going to need help."

Both at Gawker http://gawker.com/5212083/obama-gives-press-horde-the-puppy-he-promised-them


It doesn't help that it looks like the leash is about to decapitate Malaria.

Running over to Gawker; have to see Cesar's take on the hubbub.



#1 -- No.
#2 -- Yes.

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