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I am a 1 and 2 kind of person, with 1 winning most of the time. Yeah, this info was brought to you for when you write that tell-all about me. 'Cos you know you will someday.


It does my heart good to see some one studying the fine points of how one is socialized properly.

By that I mean those people inclined towards #1.

Group #3 I understand to be the new urban primitivists and I'm good with that too.


My Dear Sweet Wife (a RN) reminds me that there is a 4th kind (and you know that kind) who couldn't give a flying shit about the shower, deodorant or even clean clothes. And that's when they *know* they're going to the gyno.


Today I'm a different type, myself. I'm the type who sleepily showers, dresses, heads off to work, and then somewhere around mile 13 realizes that there was no deodorant in that equation. How did I forget that?


I have a deodorant at work for just those times!

Jim - PRS

#1. Definitely.


I'm with you on #1.


I was always firmly in the #1 camp until I got to a point in life when I didn't always gravitate towards the baggiest possible shirts, like I typically had...and in fact, I occasionally wore a shirt that was more form-fitting. And then I noticed that if I wear shirts that pull over my head and are of a less-baggy variety, they tend to bunch up under my arms when I put them on and get deodorant streaks on the outside on the way down, which is annoying. In that case, I look like less of an idiot if I put on the shirt and then reach in via the neck to put on deodorant that way. So, I can vouch for #2 being a sensible option at least part of the time. :)


I'm a steadfast #1.

My dear hubby is a variation of #3: he showers at night, puts on clean gym shorts for bed, and doesn't put on deodorant until morning. Go figure.

He doesn't sweat at night?

He's also been unable to master changing the toilet paper roll. A connection?


And then there's #4, who may just be a subset of #3, and who may only exist on college campuses:

The individual (mostly male) who wakes up too late to shower, can't find the deodorant, and so just dumps a gallon of the most nostril-searing (to people over 25, at least) cologne he can find. It doesnt' COVER the stank...it fights with it and creates its own miasma of nastiness.

I'm a #1 person, all the way. I have even been known to shower twice in a day if necessary.



Anyone that is #1 or #2 is a pussy.

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