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I'm trying desperately to think of something to say... but I think your tag line says it all...

the computer says no!!!

What I want to know - do any of those clothespins hold that "dress" together for Michelle? It looks like something stalkers wear and whip open in an effort to gross you out.


You misspelled the tag line - s/b "Defeet Garden".

Oh and your BH reference is spot on. Ahmon hafta rewrite that theme song to fit it somehow. (BO's m-i-l's name ain't Daisy, izzit?)


Well, she's already got the wardrobe tastes of a cross-eyed, overly-inbred, colorblind hill farmer who just discovered the Sears catalog. All she has to do is not trim those toenails for a while and she can just drag her ginormous feet to plow some serious furrows.


I love those clothespins on her shirtydress.

That is a most unflattering pic of her, too. Even without the clothespins.


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