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Hey, it's 3 out of 5. Can we say "over" on the peep-toe pumps?

Mr. Bingley

Hmmf. I've never seen any of them at the Shopwrong in Middletown wearing sweatpants that say 'juicy' on the butt whilst pushing a heavily-laden cart. How 'real' can they be?

The Proprietor

Gams, gams, gams. Except for the Joisy tomato on the right. What? She didn't get the memo? Or is she hiding something?

Don't worry about it, sweetie. As John Lee Hooker once sang, "Big legs, tight skirt, knock me offa my feet!"

The "construction business"? (Not the waste management business?) What are the odds we'll see them accompany hubby to a COAH hearing before the state assembly? Fuhgeddaboutit!


You do realize that, had you made the show, your readership would be devastated if any of the other participants were mean to you. It would have been more than we would have been able to bear.


Wow. You'd think someone would have mentioned to the one in the middle that she forgot to wear her pants. Do women wear babydoll dresses that short, here? I thought for sure too-short outfits always included skirts or actual shorts, not dresses. Guess I haven't been looking. And where are they standing AC? At least that's in the state.


Well damn!!! Now I don't get a chance to say "I knew her when..."

Those peeps at Bravo have no idea what they missed when they passes you up. Not to mention higher ratings because I would've made a real effort to watch the show - put calendar reminders up and everything! Heh.

The Proprietor

According to the S-L, they are from Franklin Lakes, Bergen County.

"Franklin Lakes ranks 17th among the Highest-income places in the United States with a population of at least 10,000." (wiki)

It is home to a number of highly paid pro athletes not to mention Kelly Ripa. Eeek!

The show was taped last year so they may not refer to the downturn, assuming they noticed.


Oh, I can't wait! Now, if one of them is rude and mean to the other, it will be family! The drama!


They're in Franklin Lakes? I'm ten minutes from there right now! I'm gonna go troll the shoe stores in search of these women!

After all, someone has to tell the one in the middle about the pants thing.

Geez, I just thought about the fact that it probably takes 2.5 hours to get to AC from Franklin Lakes. That's a long drive for a photo shoot.

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