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WTF? This woman has no class... next she'll be going to freakin' bingo with my mother.
WOnder if she knows what coverall is??


Where will she find the right color for Kwanzatatoria or whatever it is?


That's what you get when you have Chicagoans in the White House. They think... I miss seeing the Chicago River dyed green... Let's dye the fountain.

Mark my words, next year they'll add the reflecting pool in front of the Washington Monument, the following year they'll decide that's not enough and the Potomac will need to be dyed too.

I'm tellin' ya, this is only the beginning.


If she puts marinara sauce in it, it'll need to be

(wait for it)

bailed out

And really, do we have another Trillion for that?

The Proprietor

Given the Obamas' gift for offending people, I'm surprised she didn't dye it orange by mistake.


That is just cheesy and tacky and classless and STUPID.

I have spoken.

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