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The Proprietor

I would note that Ronald Reagan never entered the Oval Office without wearing a jacket and tie. Obama has repeatedly been photographed sans jacket and sometimes tie as if the Oval Office was where you hung out after work.


God knows I love to drink (a LOT), but it does seem just a weeeensy bit inappropriate to see the Prez sucking down a cold one with a bunch of kids.

I read that they're going to Camp David again this weekend. They just can't waste the money fast enough, can they?

I hope their parties and travel puts an end to this nonsense about Bush always being on vacation.


I was listening to something Dennis Miller was saying tonight and it finally became very clear... all the kiddies in this country LUV the Obama because he's just like them... He doesn't want to be an adult! As if there is something wrong with it. As if he might have to take charge and - DO STUFF! ACK!!!

Looks like he and Shelly don't wanna be grownups, they wanna be teens in charge. *sigh*


It's so important to have a COOL President.


Is it just me or does our newly elected teleprompter baby remind anybody else of a chia pet????

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