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She looks like a Smurf on acid threw up her wardrobe.


Maybe she DID get dressed in the dark. His O'liness keeps the thermostat cranked in the oval office so that he won't freeze to death (he's from Hawaii!), so she keeps the closet lights off to compensate. (Wouldn't want to be accused of being hypocrites, now, would they?)

And, holy cow! What kind of gear does she carry around with her that she needs that giant purse? Don't ladies of leisure usually carry smart little clutch bags?

Also? I kind of miss the honkin' brooches she wore on every getup during the campaign.


jana- I think the brooches were a secret signaling device so the Secret Service could find her if she fell into a kalidescope. Or a K-Mart.
Yeah, I woke up catty today.


"Or a K-Mart"


I'm already sick of hearing about how gorgeous and fashionable she is.

She's not. Not at all. Not even one bit.

Jim - PRS

Answering the burning question, "What does the well-dressed Yeti wear?"

The Proprietor

Contrast her outfit with that of Michelle Fenty (or whoever the other Afro-American woman is). Gray on gray with tasteful heeled winter boots. But then again, it's all about letting M'Shelle be the center of attention.

Expect her to be wearing an International Orange lifejacket at her next photo op.


No one would dare question her fashion sense. No one would dare question her about anything. The days of mocking and tearing apart the first lady are over...
At least for now...


I simply give thanks to teh AllMitey that the Empress is clothed.


Oh gads and I thought I had trouble putting together an outfit. Someone please help this woman - please. I really don't want her looking like she rolled out of bed and got dressed in the dark. She does represent our country and... it makes me shudder to think about it.


With those thighs that is as close together as she can put her feet.

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