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Jim - PRS

Zoiks! I never noticed that. Maybe it's because I can't unfocus on that mouthfull of teef.

Jim - PRS

Oh, and the surprise picture of "Aunt Ester" slayed me. Slew me?


Aunt Esther is when I really lost it... LOL!

That eye is worrying, though, because it seems to be progressive. Neurological problem?

BT in SA

"Neurological problem?" Bingo, Pam!

Wonky eye - she and Paris Hilton have more than one thing in common, I guess.


It's a side effect from having to look at her own wardrobe.


Ptosis or drooping eyelid can be caused by the normal aging process, a congenital abnormality (present before birth) or due to the result of an injury or disease. The risk factors include aging, diabetes, stroke, Horner’s syndrome, myasthenia gravis, brain tumour or other cancers, which can affect the nerve or muscle response. Other causes of ptosis are injury, previous eye surgery, neurological and muscular problems. It can also be congenital (present at birth; evidently not in this case)


Damn, Tina..
I just read 4 words of your comments and knew it was you...
I loved LaWanda Page, may she rest in piece with both eyelids closed in just the right way...

Florida Friend

Wow, she looks like Mary Tyler Moore in the second picture...


whoever creates this clever and witty site should get a reward!!!

allow me to interrupt sucking on my own fat cock to tell you that u r perfect and unflawed. I'm glad you dedicated a whole site to dogging michelle?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Doris Wilson

The last comment pretty much summed up for me the kind of person I am. I go through such enormous lengths to pretend to have the character of women with obvious class and dignity!

Got it! She's so sad!

It is killing you isn't it, and all you can do is put together a immature, pathetic little nothing of a website, that has only received 6 post in 8 months. WOW.. you mean there's a difference between a post and a comment?

Watch me now as I bring it home without the aid of a dictionary, spellchecker or writing style guide: in the meantime the people in countries you haven't heard of and probaly can't spell are admirable both Michelle and Obama. But carry on with your pathetic-ness.
Hold on to it tight..that is all you got left..is your pathetic ignorance and the ability to put together a coherent sentence.

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