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Joan of Argghh!

Stedman pics! Yea!!

My day is made.



Stedman! It's so good to see the little guy! :D


Man (with a whine) we only got a dusting. I'm so wishing for a real snow I could cut Gus and Fi loose in!


Conversation with H last night, concerning who various bloggers are:
Me:..and Joan, who lives in a pirate town, and Tammi, who just moved...
H: Who's the one with the dog?
Me: Dogette?
H: The CUTE dog, the bouncy one.
Me: Oh... that's Stedman, he rules Suzette.
H: Yeah... Ear Boy.

He's world famous around here.

The Proprietor

We got about an inch and we're higher uphill. What a difference 40 miles makes in NJ.


Stedman is the cute, bouncy one.

My dog is described as the Gassy One.

Or the Pooping One.

Or the still more generic "wood-eating organism."

Hurricane Mikey

As a fellow lumpen slacker, I'm highly offended by this post.

BTW... What is this "snow" you speak of?

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