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Liberty Girl

Honestly, hate her face nearly as much as I hate his. Grifters, both of them.

Joan of Argghh!

Nothing makes her happy, apparently.

Here she is in her crowning glory and still angry.

Hell, I'd be angry too, if my paid image consultant sent me out the door in that. It's not like she can be properly draped and dressed, but who stuck her shoulders out like coat hangers holding a halter top? Gah!

There's a problem, however, with her posture. I've seen pics of her on election night where she is standing like the Colossus of Rhodes, legs athwart the stage beneath her, to the tune of some 2.5 apart.

The gal from WNTW would soooo want to help her out, raving liberal that she is.


Are you sure it's lipstick and not just from her helping The One get others to come round to his view?
(Sorry, internal editor is on the blink.)


Geez... can't that bitch wipe the scowl off her face for 1 day?

Why does the media keep saying how gorgeous she is? Oh, never mind... I know.

John Holton

She looks like she's ready to knock someone on their ass. But you're right--cast the picture in black and white and she looks like she's on "Hullabaloo".


One of those really cheesy tabloids in the supermarket checkout line jumped into my hands today while I was waiting and made me skim the cover story, which had a screaming headline "He's Mine Bitch! Hands Off!" or something equally subtle which just totally left you wondering what on EARTH they were trying to IMPLY.

As far as I could tell, the story (I skimmed! I skimmed!) was trying to imply that OPRAH was eyeballin' Michelle's MAY-UN and that there had already been "words" between Oprah and MO. Ooooh.

Jim - PRS

Well, we all remember what Barack said: "You can put lipstick on a ......"

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