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My Mom had a dress just like that... in 1958.


These are the dresses that our mothers made in the 60's. WTF?


Forget about the dresses themselves, it is the way she wears them. I think she is long waisted, and the dresses aren't. She walks with awkwardness, and I think she has scolisis.


Um... wow. That's all...

But I can't wait to hear the rest of what you have to say on the inaugural adornments.

Personally I've seen 2 pictures (one of them you posted...heh) don't know where I saw her pic with the puky yellow thing she was wearing.


Well... the yellowish thing reminds me a LOT of my mom's wedding dress... except that my mom's wedding dress was nicer.

Who came up with the pattern for that lace? It looks like the background on a Hello Kitty web page for the frog character's tea party.

The pin is actually the part I like.


I think that white thing looks exactly like what I saw when a German Shepherd puppy I once had; "designed" from a new sixpack of paper towels he knocked down from a shelf while I was sleeping. Linda Lou got home from work, she couldn't decide whether to shoot me or George first, somehow I managed to clean up Michelle's fashion statement and we both lived through the day.


white gown reminds me of my teenage homecoming parade float tissue-paper flower construction.

yellow/green outfit looks like great-grandma's drapes: unlined, unfinished coat interior????

her "favorite designer"... yeah, so much for her $120 Target dress. sickening how much was made of that when all along we knew about her 'favorite designer'.

JLo brought butts back into fashion (yay!)
is MO expected to bring unfortunate bulldog jaws into fashion?

she needs a new 'favorite designer'... someone who knows how to design for a big woman - not a big MAN.

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