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Jim - PRS

Makes me think of pop-beads. Whatever happened to them?



Pearls bring tears.

No one in our family was allowed to wear them (unless they were the birthstone of that person) because of above.

Mr. Bingley

I think they were banned, Jim, because someone choked on them.

Think of the children!

The Proprietor

My God. This was all right in front of me the entire time, while I was frittering away my energy counting potential convention delegates, electoral votes, etc.

You have removed the scales from my eyes! (I'm sure that Organic Herbal Eye De-Scaler is available on QVC...)

I was getting ready to re-tool Last Chance Gas as a NJ political scandal sheet. Now, I'm not so sure if I have the right stuff.


I was at a tea party last Saturday, and one of the guests was wearing "snap pearls". It was just another name for pop beads.



Brilliant - absolutely brilliant reportage Suzette! You are remarkable in picking up on these things.

(I am a complete incompetent when it comes to jewelry - I know nothing about it and therefore I missed all these outright incredible clues!)


We must remember that Jackie married Jack for the purpose of being Jack's [Roman Catholic] wife, & she decided where Lenny Bernstein would sit at State dinners when the maestro said his wife regretted that she would be unable to attend. Jackie's job was to know such things. No comparison with Michelle, who needs a social secretary to instruct her, whereas Jackie's secretary took instruction.

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