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Sheesh, some people should not be allowed to wear these pants..evah.
Maybe Michele will get a guest slot on "What not to wear" (say, do, be, etc.)shortly.

Uncle Leo

Hey, Michelle - AMF Lanes just called - they want their 14 pound Ebonite pin Smashers back.

(Right back atcha, Barry!)


Gee Suz, I thought you'd be all about making fun of Obama's grandmother dying but I guess you aren't home from your pathetic
job yet. What is it you do in the real world job wise?

Suzette says: "SHE DIED !? Right on time, too! Way to go, Grandma.

Didn't I call it last week with that note from Barry that said Tutu was a week early with the histrionics. Man, these people are so transparent. Even you could have predicted this, Frank.

Of course, there's still that little matter of seeing an official date and time of death. It is not beyond BO to have kept her on ice to maximize the undertaker votes by letting the news out the day before the election."

Kate the Great

All over the internet, people have noticed that Barry's recitation of the death announcement did not say WHEN she died. Isn't it remarkable that so many people have learned that what you hear him say is always close, but never quite exactly the truth.

Rest in peace grandma. At least she won't have to see him turn the White House red.


You horse's ass.. do they deduct the internet from your welfare check? or is Obama paying it ?

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