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Holy frijole! First that savage little bust then when I scrolled down and saw 'area of concern' I actually laughed so hard Arthur left off listening to 'Dreams of my Father' to see if wasn't I alright and did I need CPR.

But daughter Malaria...! I fell off the freaking chair, Suzette! You have to be nicer to me, really...!

I'm going to read this post another 12 times....


Isn't MO over 6' tall? She's gotta have big feet to keep from tipping over! I'm 5'11.5" and my feet are size 11s. (And I am not ashamed!) I won't judge a woman for her height or her shoe size, but I'll judge her on the size of her brain (and the contents of her spice cabinet).

Jim - PRS

Maybe Michelle has an impressive spice cabinet.


That's what I'm counting on, Jim. (Her brain may be big, too, but the spice thing can be judged much more objectively.)


I can't stop analyzing the "bust."

1. What's up with those deeply etched trenches above the statue's chesticle area? Oh wait, it's the American flag, I get it! How classy. My bad.

2. The entire face looks NOTHING like MO.

3. What's up with the Honey Nut Cheerios hairhive?

This is what happens when sculptors drop acid.


http://www.pushyourback.org/sculptor-debuts-african-bust-of-michelle-three feet/

Suzette says:"Analbell, come back and make your point. Merely leaving a link in comments does nothing to move a conversation along. In fact, allowing it to stand as it is now is the mark of a spammer. I hope that is not your motivation but rather that you are looking for an exchange of ideas. Spamming is all well and good for young progressives but you will find as your life experience increases that adults expect more."

Larry from Ardsley New York IP address: 69.118.245

Yes, how dare this uppity jigaboo dare to seek to run this white mans' country? Let us mock his darkie wife.

Suzette says: "Once a child uses a bad word and gets a startled and immediate response from the adults around him he realizes what a powerful tool it can be. They soon realize that one surefire way of attracting attention is by using shocking language.

More often than not, they have no idea what they’re talking about or the contexts in which they use the words. They know that these ‘naughty words’ have shock value and that’s good enough.

In the case of the older child, their use of profanity is not so easy to excuse. Children usually use bad language for revenge or to gain control."

Andrea-Your Feet Make You Sasquatch

I believe that Michelle is certainly part of the the Full-footed sister club. It's just so happens that I wear a size 11. She should stop by my shoe blog, Your Feet Make You Sasquatch, created for women who wear sizes 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and up. If you have large feet, stop by http://www.yourfeetmakeyousasquatch.com and tell a friend.

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